~ The latest album ~

Nachtgedanken ~ Gedichte für Gesang und Klavier

Lyrical poetry for voice and piano – Release:  March 1st 2021

Amid times of gloom three passionate musicians join forces to create a beacon of hope and light : poetic stories of beauty, longing and solitude set unto music.
These five songs are based on 18th and 19th century poetry by Nietzsche, Lenau, Rilke and Goethe. Performed by soprano Christy Luth and baritone Ago Verdonschot, accompanied by composer George Beentjes


~ The third album ~

Infinity ~ Compositions for Piano and Voice

While traveling to Weimar, the USA and Mexico in spring 2017, the combination of classic poetry, rich in symbolism, and the ever changing landscapes left a profound impression and nourished the inspiration to compose nine songs.
After two previous albums based on virtuosity, this third album signifies a tremendous shift, a return to the core, tranquility, beauty and grace.

Recordings took place under supervision of Galaxy Studios in Belgium in Autumn 2017. The vocals brilliantly executed by the gifted soprano Christy Luth who obtained her Masters degree of Classical Singing at Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen (June 2019)

~ The second album ~

Fin de Siècle- compositions for piano solo (‘End of an Era’)

Shortly after the launch of the debut album, recordings of the second album with eleven compositions for piano solo plus a work of Cesar Franck took shape.

This album is Characterized by initial experimentation, a search to aquire a new sound. Poetry softly sneaks into the pallet. Various themes spin around our deepest incentives, Love and Death

~ The debut album ~

Gobelin d’une époque disparue ~ early compositions for piano solo

Sleeve Gobelin

‘Tapestry of a Lost Era’
A cycle of sixteen early award winning works composed for piano solo. The works are reminiscent of a forgotten age, the late Romantic 19th century.