~ Infinity – Compositions for piano & voice | George Beentjes en Christy Luth ~

Over the years I have observed closely the works of George Beentjes, pianist, romanticist and a noteworthy philosopher

‘As a pianist he developed rapidly and progressed diversely. Increasingly interesting now he engages into collaboration with other musicians. I have acquired the Infinity Album in November 2017 and ever since experienced and absorbed these new compositions numerous times, each time with great interest. Adventurous and intensive they truly are. Brilliant breath-taking and well balanced recordings!

Extraordinary how George projects his music in perfect resonance with the texts of 18th and 19th century poets. The atmospheres created by the compositions are unique and timeless, yet contemporary. In this respect, the name of the talented soprano Christy Luth must certainly be mentioned with honours. In sum, a most fascinating album, dynamic and modest’

Nicolette Andriessen Haarlem, January 2018